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trying to pop up, but that was mainly in virginia. as we give you the wire view, we'll see what's going on in tk. this was once tropical storm hermine, it's continuing into oklahoma and kansas. if you're travels take you that way, you might want to rethink that because they are definitely going to see lots of water across that area. here's our forecast. we'll have a few clouds that will move in for thursday and friday but behind the front we'll get more sunshine. so i am going to forecast mostly sunny to partly cloudy as we go through tomorrow and also friday. so we definitely have some good days ahead. and good days ahead if you like the cooler temperatures as well. temperature-wise today, there's that 87 i was walking about, maybe at bwi, we could reach around 90 degrees. so warm and windy. windy is going to be the big story again. that's basically enhancing some of the fire threats we have as well. by tonight, yes, the clouds pretty much get out of here and you'll get that cooldown as the front moves through. 55, mostly clear and by tomorrow, check out the temperatures, 78 degrees, m
through virginia beach and north carolina and outer banks where they're expecting the biggest blow from earl. there's the cold front itself. we have high pressure off the coast and running into the heat. this cold front is going to end the heat. but they're helping to steer earl. earl is expected to clip its way across the out are banks of the carolinas. cape hatious may feel some mild hurricane-force winds. the model shows that it doesn't really reach ocean city we'll be in this little zone between both systems. it does help to push the storm off the shore. 150 miles away from ocean city they may get outer are rain band and squalls and probably winds 40, 50 miles an hour. but nothing from earl in baltimore. today's high 95. a little cool down to 93. earl passing together east and maybe a thundershower in the eastern shore and 86 on friday with winds increasing. but the temperatures dropping off in the low zeros over the weekend -- low 80s over the weekend and we should stay nice and dry through labor day. one little blip that we call earl. >> say yes, you agree. >> i agree. >> we'll sw
to be along skyline drive, in virginia. much like yesterday, when we were following some of these storms, the typical idea is they stay to the west or the better shot would be to the west. a few people had been saying how they were watching those rain bands. a company of -- a couple of showers coming out of there, damage reports with two storms yesterday. another cluster developed around dc, and there may be a repeat that have. the atmosphere does like to repeat itself, sometimes. there is a chance as we head into this afternoon, and tomorrow afternoon as well, we are pushing the upper 80s to lower 90s. not as much computer model support. there will be a cold front that will swing in and bump heat out of the air. the will diminish the heat and really settle things out for a decent weekend. next week could be iffy. because we are starting to creep up the dew point, high moisture con ten, especially after about 5 -- about 5:00 p.m. if you happen to have a rainstorm a better chance of morning fog as we headed into the extended outlook here. we'll push 92. if we don't do it tomorrow, we shou
say 50-year-old paul pardus of arlington, virginia shot the doctor who was interesting his mother then shot his mother and eventually himself. the fact pardus was able to bring a gun into the hospital has raised a lot of questions and something a lot of people are talking about this morning. as christian schaffer tells us, don't expect to see wide use now of metal detectors. >> kind of chaotic, nobody knowing what's going on. >> reporter: thousands notified by text message there had been a shooting on the eighth floor of the nelson building. they locked themselves in not knowing where the gunman would be. >> it's scary not knowing where the person is with a gun on a rampage in a hospital where we are supposed to be protected. >> my brother finally contacted her and she said i have to go and hung up abruptly. at least we know if she answered the phone she was okay. >> reporter: it was after securing the area and sending in s.w.a.t. teams that paul pardus had already shot himself and his mother inside her hospital room. before that, police say pardus shot dr. david cohen who about h
the carolinasent we watch these rotations. a wave of low pressure passing through virginia and enhancing some of the rainfall as wwe expect that to go through. our computer model indicated that early on. with some of you watching us on the eastern shore and haven't seen much of the heavy rain, it's coming were your way. there may be a cutoff for the heaviest of rain. while it night not be exactly exactly at 6:00. it there could be a steamy area here, responsible for spawning another tornado and enhancing the wind and rainfall. once we wrap the final piece around here and we should get the winds to shift to the west. that will cut off the rain to baltimore and push it through the region. >> we'll enhance the rainfall. ocean city, and then it pulls out of here and we get into the drying wind. we have to deal with the potential of the strong surge up the bay as well. this is no longer a tropical storm. this is nothing like isabell, but i do want to highlight the high tide coming up in two hours at fort mchenry and after midnight. these may be times after the heavy rain it falls down and drains o
coming from virginia, dc, new jersey, delaware. i mean, primarily a baltimore audience. >> we have people coming from everywhere because of twitter. >> this is the first of four events? >> correct. >> what is the other one after this? >> december 11th, it will be tartans and tidings, a holiday event. then one for st. patrick's day and one pre-derby. >> what does your group give that others -- you've seen something missing out there, what do you think that is? >> just an opportunity to get together. it's social but it's socially responsible as well. we're looking for unique nonprofit charitable organizations that we can make a difference. >> do you love oysters? >> love them. >> megan, we got two oyster lovers in here, come on. everybody loves oysters. what do you want from the event coming up this weekend? what would be the perfect night for you? >> we want a ton of attendance number one. but we really want to raise awareness for the oyster recovery partnership. they've been around since 1994 and they are one of the largest oyster recovery groups in the nation. >> who else do you want to
and virginia and the outer band still off the coast and it's going to be making its way in as we go into the overnight hours. and we are also going to be seeing a cold front. yes, that's what you are seeing. a cold front is going to be push in. a cold front and hurricane earl. here's the wider view i wanted to show you. you can see that eye and boy, that eye is really getting it act together. the storm getting its act together. this will start to weaken a little bit as it starts to move closer to us. but the bad news is, it is still going to be a major hurricane. it is a category 4. the forward movement is north, northwest at 16 miles an hour. it's 633 miles away west, southwest of bermuda. we are looking at that. but also check out what's happening. so it gets to ocean city, like i said, it will encounter some sheer. it will weaken it and also run into cooler water and that weakens it as well. forecast at 115 miles an hour. that's still a category 3. then it's going to get out of here, head into the north. and then we are going to be looking much better as we go into the weekend. h
, eastern shore, you may get a shower, through virginia, we should get clearing skies. we'll watch moisture return back at us, returning sunday afternoon, mostly cloudy, much cooler, for today, 93. that's our two-degree guaranty. that's within that reach of that record of 95. mid- to upper 60s overnight. start off the weekend, pretty decent shape, partly cloudy day, 84. maybe a stray shower. sunday, monday, tuesday, a different story, we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. >> thanks, justin. >>> are you looking for a great place to eat tonight? maybe you thought about one of those countless steakhouses we have in our area. coming up: we find out who the baltimore magazine thinks is the best way for you to get a great steak if you're in the mood. also ahead: moon in the night sky has been great to look at recently, there's plenty more to see. a local college has their way to do it, we'll tell anyone who wants to look right into the universe. >>> listen, we're opening up the window to a brand new home. let's watch lynette step out of your new sauna. >> reporter: hello, i'm her
virginia just about to push through st. mary's and extreme southern calvert county. a lot of you highlighted the extent of the moisture going towards the south. i could show you the advantage point across the string and through cuba. highlight, at least the conveyor belt of moisture, we're continuing to watch the pool of cold air, one more piece of energy, helping to spin up an area of low pressure. others are just developing that tropical feed and shooting that well up towards north. if it gets a name or doesn't get a name, that next name on the list would be nicole. not about a major wind generator, maybe 40, 45 mile-per-hour winds. comes on shore, north carolina and south carolina. doesn't have the warm water to feed off. just pumping in more water in our direction. most computer models really indicating our guide to about 2 to 4 inches of rain. possibility of embedded cells. whenever they develop. it's tough to pinpoint that until the storm gets going. we're getting up to 6 inches in some spots with the storm system. tomorrow is going to be the rain day. the heaviest of the r
of the chesapeake bay, including our sea horse which in the maryland portion we don't see very often. in virginia, of course they have lots of them. we also have the atlantic croaker which the common name is hard head. good eating fish. our striped bass, of course, and our spots. these guys are 2-year-old horseshoe crabs, and this is an adult. >> reporter: oh, wow. oh, my goodness, that looks -- ew. >> this is the mouth. this is the male. he has claspers. >> reporter: oh, my god. >> he's very prehistoric but it's good stuff for us. we use him for different things medically. of course go terps diamondback terrapins, snapping turtle, eel, crabs and oysters and our box turtle. so what we do is we travel around to schools and to events, birthday parties and things like that and carry the message of stormship in the bay. by introducing people and letting them touch the animals in the bay, we hope to foster stewward ship of the bay. we have different messages of, you know, you can do x to like turning up the water while brushing your teeth. >> we've had kids from all over who some have never seen some
coming from south central virginia, much of the carolinas and extending back to an area of low pressure spinning its wheels around atlanta, georgia, this morning, that is going to be responsible for pumping in more of this rain and looks like some of that rain may drop anywhere from two to three, maybe isolated amounts of four inches. that is what is embedded in some of this moisture and if you heard about the flooding and are watching the levees in wisconsin it's part of a weather pattern that just gets stuck and pumps in a lot of moisture, as opposed to swingings its way through. that is what we're dealing with today, tonight and perhaps into tomorrow morning. one ribbon of rain extending through eastern carolina, piedmont and georgia, that's wrapped around this area of low pressure. we have both hits today and tonight into tomorrow morning. our forecast model expecting more rain to push through. if not by 4:00 p.m. it could come in a little sooner. we may have another round of heavier rain to roll through tonight into tomorrow morning. around that low pressure, watching it back in to
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11